How to deposit money in your BuyBitcoin account via UPI using Paytm?

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You can now use Paytm to deposit in BuyBitcoin. UPI is the latest payment method ensuring fast transactions. In India’s goal towards becoming a digital economy, BuyBitcoin aims to make its contribution by enabling payment through UPI on its platform.

Paytm to deposit in BuyBitcoin

  1. Download ‘Paytm’ app from Google Play Store. Open the app. Click on ‘UPI’ (present in the top of the screen).
  2. Now, click on ‘Send Money’.



3. On the next screen, you need to fill UPI ID of the BuyBitcoin bank account. Please use the following: UPI ID: ansals@idfcbank.


4. Next, click on Verify. Paytm will automatically fill the Account Holder’s name: ANSALS SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED


5. Enter the amount that you wish to transfer. Click on Transfer.

6. As soon as the payment is approved by Paytm app, it will provide the transaction confirmation with UPI Reference ID.


7. Also, use this UPI Reference ID to in Transaction Number on BuyBitcoin app.

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8. Finally, share this UPI Reference ID with BuyBitcoin via email at

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