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BuyBitcoin Referral: How it works?

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We, at BuyBitcoin, are a team of young professionals aiming for growing together in faith. Our motto “Don’t trust words, trust actions” resonates with our beliefs and endeavours. Even before introducing BuyBitcoin referral, since our inception, we believe the moment you choose to invest with us, together we recreate and redefine the ‘buyer-seller’ relationship.
You choose us to trade with. We choose you to grow with.

BuyBitcoin, Referral System, Earn Free coin, Share and Earn Free Bitcoin

Since its inception, BuyBitcoin has received immense positive thoughts and adoration from its users. Due to this love and support of our users, we have made remarkable progress. Today, in just a few months of our journey, we have a highly dedicated customer base.

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And now, after witnessing such huge wonders in a space of few days, we set a new aim for us: a better growth of our users and our platforms. Keeping this aim in mind, BuyBitcoin is introducing a set of changes on the platform.

Referral: Scratch and Earn

BuyBitcoin operates on ‘Customer First’ policy. We, at BuyBitcoin, strive for customer satisfaction on a daily basis. And our recent change in fees structure is not the only evidence that we care about our customers. So, we have introduced an exciting new feature for our fun-loving users: Earn Free Coins through Referral.

Yes! You can now earn crypto coins for FREE through BuyBitcoin’s referrals. Just share, scratch and earn free.

Refer, Scratch and Win.

How does it work?

For the current users (sender of referral):

  • On the home screen, click on options (icon with three horizontal lines).


BuyBitcoin Referral, Free Coin Earn


  • Now click on “Earn Free Coins”.

BuyBitcoin, Earn Free Coins


  • Click on “Refer and Earn”. You will see a referral code.

BuyBitcoin, Earn Free Coins


  • Click on sharing icon (icon with three dots).


BuyBitcoin, Earn Free Coins


  • Choose the platform you want to send the referral with (Whatsapp, Instagram  etc.)


BuyBitcoin, Earn Free Coins


  • As soon as the person who received the referral signups with your referral code and deposits Rs.1000, you will get a scratch card on the screen.


  • When you have the card, just scratch and earn.


For the new users (receiver of referral):

  • Install BuyBitcoin app from Play Store.

Buybitcoin, Earn Free Coins


  • Open the app. Fill the information.  Enter the referral code (which you received in the referral link).


BuyBitcoin, Earn Free Coins


  • Complete your KYC and deposit Rs.1000.

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  • You will receive a scratch card.



Note: Please read the following terms and conditions to avoid any confusion.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The referral link can be shared across any platform and signups from only those links will be considered.
  2. The original user (the user who sends the referral) will get a scratch card only when the invited user (the user who has received the referral) makes a deposit of Rs.1000 in his first deposit. (Please note that the original user will not get the scratch card if the invited user deposits less than Rs.1000).
  3. If the original user gets and scratch card and wins a coin, the coin will be transferred immediately to the original user’s account.
  4. The referral is valid only on the android app of BuyBitcoin.
  5. BuyBitcoin reserves the right to make a final decision on any dispute related to any referral.

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