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Buy TenX (PAY) India – BuyBitcoin

What is TenX (PAY)?

TenX is a cryptocurrency platform that recently completed its presale.

Buy TenX (PAY) India - BuyBitcoin

TenX, found online at, is a cryptocurrency payment platform that consists of a wallet, physical debit card, bank account, ATM access, and more. Overall, the company wants to introduce products that make it easier for you to use your cryptocurrencies in the “real world”. Buy TenX (PAY) in India with BuyBitcoin.

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What Are PAY Tokens?

PAY is the currency for many transactions conducted by TenX. The token sale phase of TenX ended June 24, so it doesn’t directly sell tokens anymore. Instead, you can buy them at cryptocurrency exchanges. The number of exchanges offering PAY tokens is constantly expanding, and you can find a list of those markets online. You can store your PAY tokens where you want, including in your ERC20-enabled wallet. Just remember that to spend them with the TenX card, they must be in your TenX wallet. Other than this, there is no benefit to storing them there.

The Team

The TenX team released their final whitepaper and started their token sale at the end of June.

Headquartered in Singapore, the team was founded by Toby Hoenisch, Dr Julian Hosp, Michael Sperk, and Paul Kitti. Hoenisch, Dr Hosp, and Kitti also worked together to develop the whitepaper for the COMIT network.

Fenbushi Capital, a major blockchain venture capital firm with Vitalik Buterin as a general partner, is an investor in TenX.

How Does TenX Work?

The main advantage of TenX is that it offers free spending and exchange fees. That’s a 0% fee. However, you’ll need to pay fees for physical and virtual cards, and there are spending limits in place. We’ll talk more about TenX’s fees down below.

To access the TenX platform, you’ll need to download the TenX wallet, which is available as a mobile app from the Play Store, or as desktop software from

The TenX platform and the wallet supports blockchain assets across multiple blockchains. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DASH, for example, along with Ethereum ERC20 tokens. The company plans to add many more cryptocurrencies in the future.

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Another key feature of the TenX platform is its decentralized security, which is based on smart contracts. You are a holder of the DSS key and you’re in full control of your funds. You can fine-tune your security settings at any time with the smart contracts. You can adjust security settings for daily limits, portfolio spending, withdrawal settings, and more, for example.

Once you’ve set up the payment platform and wallet, you can start interacting with real-world products and services. TenX relies on the Comit Network for these services.

Buy TenX (PAY) India

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