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Buy Stratis (STRAT) India – BuyBitcoin

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What is Stratis?

Stratis is a UK startup that provides the blockchain-as-a-service platform whose aim is to help financial organizations to develop applications that would bring solutions to business problems. And yes, you can invest in this cryptocurrency. Buy Stratis (STRAT) India – BuyBitcoin.

Buy Stratis (STRAT) India - BuyBitcoin

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Stratis is a blockchain development platform for enterprise businesses to easily create applications on specific, private blockchains. Also, the Stratis API framework enables organizations to speed up their blockchain creation and simplify the development process involved with it.

How does Stratis work?

Stratis isn’t a coin. Basically, it’s a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that facilitates the development of blockchain-based applications. Using the Stratis lite clients, side chains, and robust APIs, you don’t have to support an entire blockchain network.

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Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

As a BaaS platform, Stratis hosts the blockchains running on the network through the cloud. There’s no need to maintain a full client node to access or work with your specific blockchain. This frees up resources for organizations who otherwise would have spent a significant amount of time and resources doing so.

One-click deployment

Similar to Ark, Stratis focuses on ease-of-use through the implementation of a one-click blockchain deployer. Moreover, you can quickly deploy a customizable sidechain with many out of the box features found in the main parent chain. So, an entire network is just one click away.

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The one-click deployer expands further than the Stratis blockchain, though. Additionally, you can deploy a sidechain to other major platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, and BitShares tapping into features that aren’t offered natively in-house.


Each blockchain that you deploy using Stratis is a private sidechain. And, sidechains allow for customizability while still taking advantage of the secure infrastructure of the parent chain.

Additionally, you can make changes to your specific blockchain without affecting the other chains on the network.

The team behind the Stratis cryptocurrency has a global presence comprising of an experienced team of experts and professionals from different fields. They include:

  • Chris Trew – CEO and founder. He is an experienced IT expert with an over 10 years experience as an architect and consultant. He is also a technologist.
  • Jeremy Bokobza – Stratis blockchain developer experienced in the .net technologies. He is a C# developer and also an architect.
  • PieterjianVanhoof – has experience in blockchain development and expert in .net programming.
  • Nicolas Dorier – developer of the Bitcoin core, C# language.
  • Dan Gershony- an experienced blockchain developer with over 10 years’ expertise in Ms.stack and C

How can Stratis be useful in the real world?

Stratis could have several uses in the real world in coming days. Some of the highly publicized benefits are as follows:

  • In medical research –  the Stratis blockchain aims at providing an immutable medical database of all the records available. This use is likely to see the medical fraternity solve some of their long-standing disputes arising from inefficient record keeping. Additionally, there would be an information link between the researcher, the reviewer and the publisher hence clarity of issues.
  • Fintech applications– the benefits here are numerous. The technology by Stratis aims at helping financial institutions and management through providing safeguards in identity theft, escrow services, customer and identity management.
  • Tracking and anti-counterfeit tool– this use case is one to watch because counterfeiting goods have become a real menace to manufacturers. Moreover, the Stratis blockchain service will help track and identify goods to verify whether they are genuine or counterfeit.
  • Internet of Things – the IoT will greatly benefit industry verticals like in the fields of supply chains, transport, online retailing and inventory keeping. All these will be built on the nStratis platform. For instance, a nStratis-enabled smart lock will be able to recognize given commands to let you gain entry in a secured residence.

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