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What is Request network?

Request is a decentralized network which allows anyone to request a payment (a Request invoice) where the recipient is able to pay in a secure way and all the information is stored in a decentralized authentic ledger. This results in a cheaper, easier and more secure payments and allows a wide range of automation possibilities on top of it. Buy Request Network (REQ) India with BuyBitcoin.

Buy Request Network (REQ) India - BuyBitcoin

Use cases

  • Online payments
    “Pay with Request” will be an online option offering an alternative to the traditional “Pay with Paypal” and “Pay with credit card” solutions.
  • Invoicing
    Create and share your invoices on an immutable ledger.
  • Audit & Accounting
    Request will be a unique source of data for accounting and auditing services.

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  • Internet of Things
    Request provides a strong and clear framework for the Internet Of Things to interact financially
  • Transparency
    Budget transparency for city halls, governments and NGOs is happening. Request will provide an easy and open way to do so.

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How does REQ work?

This cryptocurrency does not run on its own blockchain. Instead, it is built on top of Ethereum, so all blockchain records are stored there. Request Network is organized into three main layers: the Core layer, which manages smart contracts and the coin, REQ; the Extensions layer, which customizes each request to comply with taxes, regulations, and other variable needs; and the Applications layer, which allows outside financial systems to connect and begin using the network.

You can pay however you like—your bank account (in any currency), credit card, cryptocurrency wallet, etc.—and the payment will enter the Request Network; possibly be converted to their coin, REQ; get confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain, and show up in the recipient’s account.

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You never share your payment information with anyone, making it very secure, and the cost per transaction is not projected to rise above .05% (A $100 USD transaction would cost five cents, with most transactions being much cheaper than that.

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