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What is QASH (QASH)?

QUOINEX is the very first Japanese exchange that is regulated by Japan Financial Services Agency, JFSA created by the parent company QUOINE. The team successfully launched a cryptocurrency exchange that is among the largest in the country. They then worked on creating a global liquidity platform for investors of cryptocurrency, token issuers, and customers looking to take advantage of the new generation of financial services known as the LIQUID platform. The entire thing is powered by the QASH token. Buy QASH (QASH) India with BuyBitcoin

Buy QASH (QASH) India - BuyBitcoin

QASH is the universal native token of the LIQUID platform. QASH is the fuel that will power all services provided by the LIQUID platform and the QUOINE’s existing platforms.

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How Does a Lack of Liquidity Cause Problems?

The main problem QUOINE aims to resolve with the LIQUID platform is the lack of liquidity across resources. The team points out that there are very limited resources of liquidity, and these are only in two main areas. Developed markets with standalone exchanges have their own closed liquidity pools, but nonresidents cannot access these. Emerging markets that are currently underserved by illiquid local currencies need to interact with those larger liquidity pools to take advantage of cryptocurrencies in their own local currency, providing the other method of obtaining liquidity. However, the process is roundabout and complicated.

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How Does QUOINE Resolve the Problem?

QUOINE will resolve the lack of liquidity by creating a single trading platform that is globally sourced, called World Book, plus an associated service suite, known as Prime Brokerage. These tools bring together the full global network filled with crypto exchanges, delivering the highest liquidity level to all markets.

What Is QASH and How Will You Use It?

QUOINE sees QASH as being the preferred payment token for a range of financial services, in a way similar to Bitcoin but in the financial sector. The utility of QASH will scale up as more fintech startups, partners, and financial institutions adopt it as a payment method. Token holders will be able to trade QASH on all the major exchanges, pay using it for all the services from QUOINE, and use it in the form of a payment token for a range of other financial institutions.

Buy QASH (QASH) India

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