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What is Nebulas (NAS)?

Nebulas is a decentralized platform designed to provide a search framework for all other blockchains. It was created in response to growing trend of blockchains as a decentralized autonomous system (DAO) and the exponentially increasing value of cryptocurrencies. The team noticed the challenges associated with the blockchain, such as upgrading protocols, information interaction on blockchains, blockchain applications, and smart contracts’ effectiveness. Buy Nebulas (NAS) India with BuyBitcoin.

Buy Nebulas (NAS) India - BuyBitcoin

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The Features of Nebulas

Here’s a brief outline of the different features Nebulas has to offer.

First, there’s the Nebulas Rank, a way of ranking the ratings of different blockchain apps on one big, universal list. This way, it’s easier to make a more informed decision on what you’re buying. There’s the Nebulas Force, something that helps developers to develop solutions to things using the blockchain which are able to support a variety of smart contracts and protocols. The Developer Incentive Protocol, or Proof of Devotion, is a way to reward developers for contributing the Nebulas platform, to provide incentive and equity.



The Search Engine, as we mentioned, is supposed to be a way to search for information and data across a multitude of systems. There’s also the Lightning Network Wallet, which allows you to exchange NAS tokens for any coin that works with the lightning network, making exchanges quick and painless.

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Team Behind Nebulas

Nebulas’s official website shows an international team of 14 core members, including Hitters Xu, founder and CEO of Nebulas (who also happens to be the founder of AntShares, now known as NEO). Xu is considered a pioneer in the blockchain industry, founding BitsClub (the very first Blockchain/Bitcoin community in China) in 2013 as well as popular ICO platform ICO 365. He also founded the crypto funds firm, FBG capital. On top of that, he directed an Alibaba financial arm (Ant Financial’s Blockchain Platform) and aided Google’s Search & Anti-Fraud team.

What Should You Know about NAS?

The primary function of NAS, the cryptocurrency associated with Nebulas, will be for operating the Nebulas Platform as a type of in-app currency. The initial finite supply of NAS is 100 million. These tokens are designed to continuously circulate within the platform and among the community. The goal of NAS is creating an internal economy for the Nebulas Platform and a driving factor for the ecosystem. There is no guarantee as to whether more NAS will be created in the future. The current plan is to generate extra NAS annually starting at the end of 2019. This would be the production of 3 percent of the total NAS supply and be part of the PoD program.

According to the non-technical whitepaper, the fixed supply of 100 million NAS will be divided up as follows. 35 percent will go to the community reserve, and 30 percent will go to a community sale and private sale. 20 percent will be allocated to the team and advisors, and 10 percent will go to the initial founding sale. The final 5 percent will go to the Nebulas Fund. This plan allows for sufficient NAS to go toward the operational expansion, as well as ecosystem construction.

Buy Nebulas (NAS) India

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