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What is MonaCoin (MONA)?

MonaCoin Coin is the first Japanese cryptocurrency. It is particularly successful in the Japanese community so that there are now shops in the country where Bitcoin and MonaCoin Coin can be paid for. Monacoin is a virtual currency designed for peer-to-peer digital transactions.  Dubbed by its creators as “the first Japanese cryptocurrency,” the coin has become somewhat of Japan’s national alternative to Bitcoin or Litecoin. Buy MonaCoin (MONA) India.

Buy MonaCoin (MONA) India - BuyBitcoin

At present, the Japanese company is backed by around USD 800 million and daily coins worth USD 9.6 million are traded.

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At the beginning of 2017, one Monacoin was worth about $0.02 USD. As of December 2017, one Monacoin is worth $12 USD. The coin, like many other cryptocurrencies, has skyrocketed in value over 2017. In early December, the coin reached an all-time high above $17 USD.

Today, Monacoin has a market cap of $719 million, putting it in the top 40 cryptocurrencies in the world. There’s a total supply of 56 million MONA.

Monacoin Team and Roadmap

Monacoin was originally founded by the pseudonymous Mr Wantanabe, no doubt in homage to Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto.  Besides this pen name, the rest of the coin’s team is completely anonymous, so there’s nothing to report on here.

In addition, the project has no visible roadmap on its site or anywhere else online.  The team does seem to stay on top of updates and upgrades, however, as the Segwit and Lyra2REv2 updates and Lightning Network implementation suggest.  You can keep track of Monacoin’s development on its official Github.

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Who’s Behind Monacoin?

Monacoin’s marketing is led by the Monacoin Foundation, which promotes the currency in Japan and overseas. However, Monacoin’s core developers are not part of the Monacoin Foundation – unlike bitcoin.

The coin was first launched in late 2013 and early 2014 on Japan’s 2channel online forum, often described as the capital of Japanese online culture. It’s one of the most popular websites in the country.

The altcoin was initially introduced by an online figure calling himself (or herself) Mr Watanabe. That person has never revealed his or her real identity – similar to the bitcoin origin story and the infamously shy Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s generally accepted that Mr Watanabe, however, is Japanese.


The team behind MonaCoin has managed to create a fan culture behind the currency. The trend towards the cryptocurrency is booming, especially in Japan. By adapting and recognizing the currency, the developers have created a broad market for their currency.

Buy MonaCoin (MONA) India

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