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By creating a massive platform in which existing blockchains — both public and private — can communicate with one another, ICON looks to be the centre of an interconnected blockchain ecosystem. Accomplishing this goal of interconnecting all blockchains would do to blockchains what the internet did for the personal computer. On top of interoperability, the ICON network will also support decentralized applications, much like Ethereum, or Cardano. Buy ICON (ICX) India.

Buy ICON (ICX) India

What Are Some Advantages of ICON?

ICON is scalable, working to provide solutions for companies of any size. It works without an issue with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other traditional blockchains. At the same time, it also works seamlessly with other third-party blockchain networks linked to the real world. This allows ICON to combine the real world with the crypto-world, opening up possibilities for businesses and connectivity.

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The ICON network aims to be highly usable, making it possible to utilize blockchain technology in daily lives. Throughout project development, the team has worked to create real-world applications which are usable for real communities and businesses. ICON will also have DAVinCI, the artificial intelligence solution from ICON that major financial institutions already trust.

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ICON is also decentralized, following a growing trend ideal for free communities. Thanks to the decentralized nature of the network, communities can interact and connect with others, even if they have different structures of governance. So, anyone can join the network with their own DApp that has independent governance.

Within the ICON ecosystem, users use ICX as a bridge currency to facilitate transactions between unique cryptocurrencies. Additionally, ICX is used to capture the appropriate value of a token before exchanging that same value for a different token. Users use ICX  to pay for transaction fees, and as tokens for decentralized applications built on top of the ICON network. In this way, within the ICON network, ICX functions similar to how ETH does inside of Ethereum.

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Buy ICON (ICX) in India

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