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What Is HShare Coin (HSR)

Hshare Coin is the cryptocurrency of Hshare’s decentralized open-source platform. Hshare Coin currently has a trading volume of 695 million US dollars. The daily trading volume is 28 million US dollars. There are 42,791,888 HSR in circulation as of late March 2018. Buy HShare (HSR) India

Buy HShare (HSR) India - BuyBitcoin

Hcash works with block and blockless cryptocurrencies

Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum operate on the blockchain, using mining to create a series of blocks that hold their individual transaction ledgers. However, there’s no way for the Bitcoin blockchain to talk to the Ethereum blockchain. If you want to transfer value between the two, you have to use an exchange service. As the number of independent blockchains continues to increase, the problem of value transfer between blockchains grows.

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The issue is further complicated when you consider new currencies like IOTA and Byteball that don’t use blockchain at all. Instead, they implement directed acyclic graph (DAG) cryptography to create a web of transactions that verify one another.

Hshare Coin – Applications

The decentralized cryptocurrency platform ensures value and information transfer through a wide range of block chains. Hshare will have a bright future in the FinTech sector. In the FinTech sector, great importance is attached to the latest information technology, big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet. This also includes increasing efficiency in the financial sector.

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Especially in the industrial sector, such as radio frequency trading, Hshare offers the possibility of integrating and linking various systems. Hshare can handle large amounts of data, analytical tools and the use of meta-level networking functions. This also applies to the big data area. Challenges in this area include collection, storage, analysis, data curation, search, exchange, transfer, visualization, retrieval, updating and data protection. All of this covers the Hshare platform and offers enormous potential.

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Like most new cryptocurrencies, Hcash has a promising vision of a future where blockchains are interconnected and value can easily be transferred between platforms. However, the value of Hcash ultimately comes down to implementation.

Right now, it’s not entirely clear how the development team will continue and what progress they’ve made.

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