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Buy GXShares (GXS) India – BuyBitcoin

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What is GXShares (GXS)?

Gongxinbao(GXB) developed a public blockchain—GXChain, for decentralized data exchange. It is the first decentralized data trading platform in the world. Personal data will not be cached on GXB data exchange, protecting the privacy of customers. In addition, GXB data exchange protects data copyright, prevents data fraud, and supports bilateral anonymity, which could be applied to the various field. Buy GXShares (GXS) India – BuyBitcoin

Buy GXShares (GXS) India - BuyBitcoin

How does GXShares (GXS) work?

With GXShares, the primary focus lies on real-time data capabilities and making them accessible to regular users as conveniently as possible. There will be multiple business application scenarios to unlock and release the actual value of the data. Whether it is insurance, online lending, consumer loans, or even banks, all of these businesses can benefit from what GXShares has to offer.

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All of this will be powered by the GXChain, which is a public blockchain that supports the issuance of digital currencies and application development. Moving forward, third-party developers will gain access to this platform to build their own decentralized and distributed applications. Whenever someone uses an application built on top of GXChain, they will need to spend GXShares tokens accordingly.

Features of GXS

The GXS data trading network as an authentic part of its big data era. The authentic parts some of its features which make the platform a better data exchange for other people. Some of the features include:

  • Protect Users’ privacy: Users can be comfortable using the platform as each data transaction on GXS is executed upon confirmation of data owners to eradicate any form of a fraudster or illegal data trading.
  • Abundant first-hand data sources: The GXS system is connected to first-hand data sources provided by major telecom carriers like Union pay. The platform is expectable to tax authorities, social security report and other industrial sources in future.
  • Data copyright protection: GXS is stringent protection from data copyright. Data copyright has a peel of traceable but unfeasible data sources to enhance data reliability.
  • Uncached users’ data: There are no central servers or server for PTP transactions to eliminate data monopoly.
  • GXChain and the incubation plan: GXShares plans to incorporate GXChain in a public chain that will support application development and digital currency issuance. GXShares plans to liberalize GXChain and their data support so that third parties can develop a new application in an easy way.
  • GXS Dapp: GXS Chain is the first GXChain-based decentralized APP. The GXS Dapp is the first Dapp developed on the basis of GXChain to facilitate convenient face-to-face credit verification. Moreover, ‘GXS Dapp is GXShare.’ the app enables GXS transfer, collection, and payment in certain scenarios through the mobile wallet. GXShares allows for everyday application scenarios of social information and business application.

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