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Buy Ethos (ETHOS) India – BuyBitcoin

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What is Ethos (ETHOS) in India?

Ethos is the name of both – the platform and the cryptocurrency (or token) – that powers this platform.

It is a US-based firm that wants to make cryptocurrency markets accessible and trustworthy to the average user by providing tools for accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing the ownership of both digital and traditional assets through their Ethos ecosystem. Buy Ethos (ETHOS) India – BuyBitcoin.

Buy Ethos (ETHOS) India - BuyBitcoin

Ethos was formerly known as Bitquence (BQX) but they rebranded themselves to Ethos in November 2017 to convey their idea more empathetically.

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Intuitive, Mobile-first Design

Since Ethos wants to be a people-focused, intuitive solution for everyone, user experience is key. From this early stage, Ethos has hired UX designers to build an intuitive user experience from the ground up. This emphasis on design is a key element of Ethos’s business plan. It also sets them apart from many cryptocurrency startups. Typical ICOs focus heavily on technical problems, but gaining mass adoption is an equally important challenge for the crypto space. The intuitive design will go a long way to helping that problem.

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Ethos is also designed to be mobile-first. This fits well with what we know about consumer behavior. People are increasingly using their phones over computers. The Ethos dashboard will make it easy to manage and monitor coins on the go. You can also send the ETHOS coin to any phone number, email, or Ethos ID.

Making Crypto Investing Social

Along with the goal of being a people-centric wallet and asset manager, Ethos will also offer a social aspect to the platform. Users will be able to contribute to forums, answer questions, get rated for their advice, and rewarded for sharing insights with the community. This will allow users to follow their favorite experts to receive investing advice. They’ll also be able to poll the crowd about investment decisions.

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As a contributor, you can earn rewards and trust points for helping others. Accumulate enough good ratings and reviews, and you’ll become an Ethos Expert with the ability to curate baskets and offer advising.

Tax Reports

Once the platform is ready and at its peak, users will be able to download friendly tax reports that will help them satisfy their tax liabilities.

Ethos Token Utility

The Ethos platform will be powered by its own crypto-token called Ethos (ETHOS), an ERC20 token which will also be used in various ways in the Ethos platforms.

Some of the utilities of this token will be:

  • To facilitate rewards & incentivization
  • Used as fees for one-click diversification while Ethos basket making
  • For various premium access and gamification
  • For accessing API for developers


The idea behind Ethos is interesting and exciting. If well executed, it could open up cryptocurrency to a whole new segment of retail investors. Keep in mind, however, that they have yet to publicly release a working product. Any judgment of Ethos’s viability should wait for the first stable release before making a long-term prediction about this startup.

Buy Ethos (ETHOS) India

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