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Dent (DENT) coin BuyBitcoin
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What is Dent (DENT)?

DENT Coin, or simply DENT, is the cryptocurrency behind the world’s first mobile data exchange. DENT seeks to disrupt the global telecommunications industry. The coin was launched through a crowdsale started on July 12. That crowdsale is scheduled to last until July 26. Buy Dent (DENT) India with BuyBitcoin.

Buy Dent (DENT) India - BuyBitcoin

The company behind Dentcoin is called DENT Wireless Limited. The goal of the company is to liberate mobile data “by enabling anyone to buy, sell and donate data through the Ethereum blockchain.” The DENT coin lies at the centre of that marketplace. It’s the universal currency for data markets.

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Obviously, mobile data has become a valuable necessity over the past few years. It’s an important commodity for people in developed and under-developed parts of the world. Through the DENT ecosystem, users can connect to one another across a blockchain-based platform to buy, sell, and donate their unused mobile data allowances.

How does Dent work?

Dent is based on Ethereum blockchain. Dent token is the platform’s power. The transaction such as buying, donating and selling, which enter Ethereum blockchain use ETH. The instruments that Dent offers are going to be smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. Dent will make a blockchain based platform for trade by driving Ethereum smart contracts. It will also determine the fluctuating mobile data prices around the world. The users and end-users will be able to determine the prices with the true market drives. The company will generate revenues from the transaction fees as well as commissions.

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Problems Dent coin aims to solve

The top three problems this crypto project is aiming to solve are as follows:

  • Liberating mobile data: This crypto coin wants to become a global currency for trading mobile data between the user community and telecoms. It creates a wide data sharing economy where every single user will be able to trade the mobile data with other users at any time.
  • Disruption of international roaming: Dent does streamline the process by eliminating all the costs related to data roaming. These costs are generally routing costs incurred by different telecom companies. 

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  • Automating mobile data for the very best price: This exchange even allows devices and consumers to automate the buying process of varying data packages. In the exchange, a user can browse through several plans that are posted by other users and operators in his or her region. 

Dentcoin Conclusion

We haven’t seen blockchain technology branch into the world of mobile data. The DENT coin could be the first effort to democratize the world of mobile data, making it easy for people around the world to trade mobile data in a peer to peer manner. It’s an ambitious project, and DENT hopes to get telecommunication companies on board in the future.

Right now, DENT is seeking to raise 152,000 ETH through its token sales. You can learn more about DENT coin and the company’s technology by visiting the official website at

Buy Dent (DENT) India

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