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Buy Cindicator (CND) India – BuyBitcoin

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What is Cindicator?

Cindicator fuses together machine learning and market analysis for asset management and financial analytics. The Cindicator team dubs this human/machine predictive model Hybrid Intelligence, as it combines artificial intelligence with the opinions of human analysts “for the efficient management of investors’ capital in traditional financial and cryptomarkets.”
Cindicator’s ecosystem consists of over 50,000 financial analysts with expertise that span across currency, stock, and cryptocurrency markets. These analysts are asked questions through the project’s platform, and their answers are weighted and evaluated using machine learning. The AI then formulates market analysis which members of the Cindicator community can then benefit from through a variety of trading tools. Buy Cindicator (CND) India – BuyBitcoin

Buy Cindicator (CND) India - BuyBitcoin

Community members and forecasters manage their operations using the platform’s app, and the Cindicator company manages asset pooling and funds to compensate its contributors fairly. The company had its ICO in September, which excluded US investors due to regulatory reasons, but its app has been live since 2015.
Currently, Cindicator’s model is only used for market trends and predictions, but as the project’s whitepaper outlines, it has theoretical applications for scientific analytics, corporate and business solutions, and political event predictions.

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How it Works?

As we briefly reviewed above, Cindicator’s model consists of two main components: human analysis and artificial intelligence. Taken together, Cindicator’s artificial intelligence processes analysts’ predictions to provide its users with more precise event forecasts. In essence, its Hybrid Intelligence looks to harness the intellectual power of a man with the computing power of machine learning to deliver more accurate market analytics.
Thus, we may look at Cindicator’s ecosystem as having a trifold structure. Professional analysts provide the groundwork of this ecosystem, artificial intelligence builds a robust product on top of this groundwork, and Cindicator token holders (the community at large) benefit from this work by using the final product.

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About CND

  • Part 1: Mancindicator predict
    Cindicator’s platform boasts a decentralized community of roughly 52,000 professional and non-professional analysts. These analysts comprise the backbone of Cindicator’s anatomy, without whom the entire body could not function.
    Under Cindicator’s system, analysts monetize their intellectual efforts, market analysis, and financial predictions by contributing to the ecosystem. The team dubs this layer of the ecosystem the Collective Intelligence Platform. This platform draws predictions from diverse viewpoints to mitigate subjective or biased forecasts and generic group-think.
  • Part 2: Machine
    Artificial intelligence processes predictions from the Collective Intelligence Platform. Machine learning (ML) then runs this raw data alongside general market data into thousands of models to more precisely forecast the movements of financial markets.
    To do so, the AI measures what’s called the confidence weight of each analyst. This measurement is taken from the collective accuracy and track record of an analyst’s predictions, the profit or loss margin from each forecasted “trade,” and a predictive model that compares prediction likelihood compared to other forecasters. The platform’s machine learning is also dynamic and constantly evolving its models to make the best use of the raw data it collects. This includes testing multiple trading strategies and hypotheses, as well as constantly testing various models to adapt to the ever-changing market.
  • Part 3: The Community
    After Cindicator’s AI processes the raw data into its machine learning models, Cindicator token holders can take advantage of the fruits of the Hybrid Intelligence’s labour.
    Depending on how many Cindicator tokens a community member holds, s/he can access the platform’s analytical products, indicators, trading signals, and rating system. This includes probability indicators for market events, market indices, market analysis, and trading resources like bots and APIs.
    Some concrete examples of these services include the Cindicator Bot 1.0 and the Cryptometer Bot 2.0. These bots provide their users with real-time trading indicators, time-sensitive market alerts, and asset ranking among other benefits.

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