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What is Bytecoin?

Bytecoin is a private and decentralized cryptocurrency featuring an open-source code. Since it is open-source everyone is eligible to be part of developing the network of Bytecoin. Bytecoin stands out from other cryptocurrencies in due to its promise of security and privacy. They are targeting those individuals who are looking for financial privacy while using cryptocurrency. Buy Bytecoin (BCN) India.

Buy Bytecoin (BCN) India - BuyBitcoin

The Bytecoin users can execute private transactions at a stroke from any corner in the world to any other corner in the world. The transactions through Bytecoin’s network are completely untraceable. In addition to this service, Bytecoin offers another privilege: No extra fees. And, like every other cryptocurrency, Bytecoin is international.

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The maximum supply of Bytecoins is 184.47 billion (a whopping number compared to Bitcoin’s 21 million). After every 120 seconds, the number of Bytecoin released decreases slightly. As this happens, the concept of demand and supply comes into action; the BCN tokens increase in value and becoming more expensive with each passing second.

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Miners checks that the transactions, which occur every 120 seconds. This, in addition, helps to approve the transactions without any fault. In addition to that, they also provide the cryptographic protection for both the personal data and transactions. The question of privacy becomes obsolete in Bytecoin’s network because the miners have no access to financial data of the individuals involved. The network, instantly, hides all the information related to the sender, receiver and transaction amount.

How Bytecoin affects businesses?

Bytecoin also helps reduce business risks since it is oriented to open and fair business. There is no risk of an automatic return of payment once the deal is done and the money transferred. For the money to be sent back, the agreement has to be mutual.

How costumers can use Bytecoin?

By using Bytecoin, customers are able to avoid transaction fees because it needs very minimal energy or human resources to function. It is also resistant to hacks thanks to the cryptographic algorithms in place. Any attack would be unprofitable because of a large number of resources required to get any information at all. Bytecoin also protects personal data, making it completely impossible to figure out the who you send money to or where you get it from.

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Buy Bytecoin (BCN) in India

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