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Buy Ardor (ARDR) India – BuyBitcoin

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What is Ardor (ARDR)?

Ardor is a platform that offers blockchains as a service. It is a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. It is a scalable service-as-a-service platform. As part of its service, ardor users can create customizable, lighter versions of normal blockchains referred to as “child chains.” It was developed by Jelurida, the main development team that engineered Nxt. Ardor was launched on October 13, 2016.  The team developed ardor based on the same that runs Nxt 1.0 cryptocurrency but with simplifications that make it possible for users to integrate the technology into their own businesses. Ardor was designed with the primary aim of expanding the capabilities of Nxt. Ardor offers more scalability, customizable childchains, and safer systems. Buy Ardor (ARDR) India – BuyBitcoin

Buy Ardor (ARDR) India - BuyBitcoin

Ardor has its own cryptocurrency known as ‘ardor coin’ and abbreviated as (ARDR).

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Ardor offers several benefits and features to users:

  • It utilizes a proof of stake system– an algorithm that aims to determine the person who best fits to find the next blockchain.
  • It offers the advantage of fairness as users are chosen from a formula that randomly selects the next blockchain generator.
  • Cost Effective-The proof of stake system is several thousand more cost-effective than the normal, proof of work systems used to mine bitcoins.

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  • It’s fast-Ideally no new tokens are created through the Ardor proof of stake coin generation system.
  • Childchain transactions on Ardor can be done with names.
  • All data is also saved on the blockchain and security is assured.
  • Childchain users have control over the transactions they make and the accounts they hold.
  • All data in Ardor is encrypted to enhance a decentralized data transmission system.

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Ardor is doing some pretty important work thinking about new ways to structure blockchain infrastructure and security. If done correctly, the end result could be a solution that any business could implement without needing extensive technical expertise or ongoing maintenance.

The decision to accept transaction fees in the child tokens means that the ARDR tokens on the main chain will be largely operational.

Buy Ardor (ARDR) in India

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