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What is AION?

Buy Aion (AION) India. Aion is a blockchain system which is multi-tier produced to enhance the privacy, interoperability and scalability of blockchain networks. Aion which has been branded as a blockchain network which is third-generation aims to offer communication between different blockchains. The Aion network functions like a computer network and is based on blockchain technology. The network passes value and logic among the users. It also passes liquid assets freely where transactions are carried out without intermediaries.
Buy Aion (AION) India - BuyBitcoin
The Aion network was developed by Nuco, a blockchain company based in Canada. The Aion network utilizes the AION token.
Aion is a third-generation blockchain protocol providing blockchain interoperability. With Aion, any public or private blockchain can scale, spoke, and federate. The root of these abilities is the third-generation public blockchain, Aion-1, which was purpose built and designed to connect various other blockchains while also managing its own applications.

Aion Token

Aion utilized the AION token which is ERC20 compliant. The AION is offered initially on the Ethereum blockchain, but the token will be easily transformed to AION network and continuously flow seamlessly to and fro between both blockchains, the AION network as well as the Ethereum blockchain. The token is the solitary means of interacting inside the network.

Aim of Aion

The Aion-1 blockchain is fair, distributed, and open. The team wanted to connect external services and blockchains in a contiguous network, providing accountable communication with a decentralized network. They also wanted Aion-1 to provide the infrastructure needed for developing inter-blockchain applications that are decentralized and high performance. Finally, they had the goal of creating a network that can be maintained via a sustainable, robust economic model. With it, users can deploy their own adjacent participating networks for a specific use case and using the accountable routing architecture to communicate with the other networks.

What Should You Know about the AION Token?

AION network tokens are used to secure the network overall, create new blockchains, and monetize the inter-chain bridges. The tokens are transferrable, and AION is an ERC-20 token. The AION token is first offered as the ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Once the team makes the Aion network operational, users can convert these ERC-20 tokens to the AION network tokens. The token will then be able to freely flow between the two blockchains, as an AION-1 token or ERC-20 token.

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