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What is Aeternity (AT)?

Aeternity is a new open-source, public blockchain-based platform that improves upon the fundamentals of bitcoin and Ethereum’s blockchains. Buy Aeternity (AT) India – BuyBitcoin.

Aeternity is a blockchain platform that began its development in October 2016. The platform is an open-source, distributed computing platform that builds upon the precedents set by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Buy Aeternity (AT) India - BuyBitcoin

The key technology behind Aeternity is its decentralized virtual machine. That virtual machine can execute scripts using an international network of public nodes – all of which are connected to the blockchain and through state channels. The Aeternity ecosystem revolves around a token called the Aeternity token.

Aeternity Coin (AT)

The developers of Aeternity Coin have set themselves the goal of improving the cryptocurrencies.

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They have developed four technologies for this purpose: Unique Governance, Oracle, Consensus and State Channels. Unique governance is a system that deals with forecasting markets.

Forecasting markets, in general, are used to improve information flows for certain events, such as securities trading.

In connection with Oracle, this works in such a way that someone asks a question to the “Oracle” after that possibility for action are given.

The users can then vote and buy shares of the typed result.

The distribution of the profit will then take place after announcement or calculation of the forecast from the survey values.

How does it work?

Aeternity’s blockchain is built on both bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain technologies. Aeternity uses a hybrid proof of work and proof of stake consensus mechanism. The primary purpose of this technology is for privacy and scalability.

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With Aeternity, tokens can be transferred between parties of a smart-contract through channels without storing the code of the contract on-chain. Here, the blockchain only intervenes if the verification in the channel fails, or if there is a dispute. This is Aeternity’s “crypto court” mechanism.

Therein lies the primary strength of Aeternity: the primary strength is its ability to program complex relationships for large numbers of users while handling a high volume of products and information in parallel.

With Aeternity, only the parties who participated in a smart contract know about the benefits of that smart contract. When a channel is settled on-chain, the only way it changes the blockchain state is by changing account balances. No contract state is stored on-chain. That means all channels are independent of each other.

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To improve the speed of blockchain transactions, Aeternity is only limited by bandwidth. That means the blockchain can scale as well – or even better than – known centralized solutions available today.

Ultimately, there are a lot of complex features in the Aeternity blockchain, but it promises to be an innovative, feature-rich platform that vastly improves blockchain technology.


Aeternity has built a smart system by identifying, reworking and correcting weaknesses in other currencies. This not only gives them an enormous competitive advantage over their competitors but also lays a decisive foundation for further development of other technologies.

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