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What is Achain (ACT)?

Achian is a simple, efficient, and secure blockchain platform. Users can use Achain to quickly deploy digital assets, smart contracts and other enterprise-level decentralized applications.
After two years of development, Achain gained market recognition as the leading platform of digital asset issuance. Buy Achain (ACT) India with BuyBitcoin.

Buy Achain (ACT) India - BuyBitcoin

Its unique RDPOS (Result Delegated Proof of Stake) distributed consensus mechanism implements a complete Turing smart contract, a virtual machine approved with intellectual property rights. Achain’s performance on the chain can be as phenomenal as 1000TPS (transactions per second).
Achain can create and run smart contracts, issue various types of digital assets. It is thus applied to the fields of copyright protection, certificates of evidence, etc.

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The Team of Achain (ACT)

Achain Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Singapore, originally developed Achain. The Achain Foundation is co-maintained and co-constructed by fan communities worldwide, making this a global project. Achain has been in development for years. In 2015, at the early stages, the project proposed the blueprints of its technological innovations. These included a modular design and a smart sandbox, leading to a more secure, stable network for the decentralized applications on the platform. In 2017, Achain proposed the three-phase development plan based on advancing blockchain tech.

Why is Achain (ACT) necessary?

The team behind Achain feels that this platform is necessary for its ability to prioritize extensibility, stability, and security. It can introduce that user-friendly, customizable, and evolving blockchain network thanks to its cutting-edge designs related to forking mechanisms, value exchange protocol, smart sandboxes, and virtual machines. By optimizing the block volume, block interval, and consensus algorithm, Achain can reach up to 1,000 TPS, offering a strong advantage over other existing blockchain platforms.

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The team at Achain believes that a new production relation network will solve such issues as trust for interpersonal communications while also integrating individual behaviour, social consensuses, and value exchange to create a whole.

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The Future Of Achain

The Achain platform is a unique approach to the optimization of smart contracts and could potentially reduce the total number of false contracts on the chain. As the Achain platform is open source, it’s slowly gathering a larger number of interested developers. Tony Cui, the founder of Achain, has made a number of remarks regarding the ongoing development of the Achain platform:

“We hope to create the most inclusive and open community atmosphere, our source code has already been uploaded to GitHub. The team is working on enriching related documents and tools, we are phased open source right now and will be open source in real time later. Open source is good for community developers to make better use of the systems. I don’t think there is a perfect blockchain mechanism, but Achain will constantly be updated.”

Buy Achain (ACT) India

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